Team Post – Faith

I decided to study abroad in Hong Kong because I had never been to Asia; Hong Kong in particular was appealing because I knew that many people here spoke English. I researched all the Hong Kong universities and applied for HKU because it was the original university here, and had a very reputable business program. I honestly believe this has been the best decision I have made in my university experience! People here have been so welcoming, and it is so easy to get involved with one of the many societies or activities. Even my hall (hi SKYers!) has been so welcoming, and I feel a strong community there. My floor has fun events like fondue night, and a weekly soup cooked by a team of roommates. I am extremely sad to think about the fact that I only have two months left here, but I know I will always have the memories of yum cha and going to Bijas everyday (literally) for lunch. My HKU Apparel gives me a tangible piece of HKU that I can bring home with me to California, I can’t wait to wear my sweatshirts around my home university! 

HKU Apparel v. 852 Designs

852 Designs will be the entity that manages the ordering, sourcing, and sustainability of the apparel products while HKU Apparel a student run apparel company that designs, markets, and sells creative and community building apparel products for the HKU community. The market for HKU Apparel may include HKU Students and Families, HKU Alumni, HKU Faculty Departments, Prospective Students, or anyone else that may be affiliated with HKU or simply have an interest in HKU related products.