Our Team

Say hello to the 852 Team!

“I have always been passionate about designing since I was still in secondary school. I often use photoshop in my spare time to create new designs and feeling satisfied about making something of my own. I have never thought that I can have the chance to practice my designing skills and see my designs got turned into a real product when I am still a year 1 student, until I have found 852 Design Studio. In the 852 Design Studio designing team, I get to design different products for the company and try to make costumers like them, which is something I really like to challenge myself with. Therefore joining 852 Design Studio is really a valuable opportunity for me to develop my entrepreneurship skills while doing something I love”. – Sirilux Law

“What’s so special about 852 Design Studio is that I get to work with cool and creative people, which inspire me a lot in this sense. When ideas meet ideas, you can’t imagine how far it’s going to lead you to and that keeps me from crawling in mediocrity as well. I see the importance of uniting Hong Kong people and bring back the sense of community in these days as this is the only way we keep Hong Kong alive and kicking. I know it will never be an easy task but, again, I never like low hanging fruits”. – Kyle Leung
  1. You ask me why 852?
  2. Man bun is cool, so is 852
  3. 852 is not just creating shirts, its creating a belief – a belief that HKU is an awesome university and we love to be part of it.
  4. I always thought Hong Kong as a brand is special – a vibrant place with creativity and all sorts of culture. This is also what 852 is to me.
  5. It just feels so good when I see someone wearing our shirt in campus – knowing that someone likes what we do really means a lot to us.” -Jeff Pang

“I have joined 852 Design Studio in very early of this semester, because I was highly attracted by this company’s creativity and work autonomy. I always hoped to make our student’s own HKU apparels, so I applied. My dream has come true. Working with 852 Designs allows me to actually be part of apparel production process. I have broaden my horizon of how a startup functions through working with students from different majors and backgrounds. I’m enjoying my time working with 852 Designs Studios”. – Gracie Chen

“852 Design studio is a platform for me to discover the business world from a design perspective and the design world from a business perspective. It is just amazing to get to know people from different background, interact and work with them in a small team. To me, the most impressive experiences are to see the birth of our products and the satisfying faces of customers when they purchase our products”. – Virginia Siu

“I joined 852 Designs Studio, because I like design, creativity and innovation. It is a great opportunity to meet talented people through working on something we are all interested and passionate about. As an exchange student, 852 helps me to see more insights about HKU community, what are the challenges the community are facing and how we can step in to solve problems. Working for 852 Design has been an honorable and rewarding experience. We are not just selling sweatshirts; we are making impacts and changes”.- Elaine Li
“I joined 852 Design Studio, because it gave me a chance to meet innovative, driven people and to help foster a creative environment in HKU which is cultivating the sense of community and also for a good cause; I stayed because I believe that there are still a lot of opportunities to bridge the gap between creativity and business”. – Philip Wang